DVB Dream v1.4i
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DVB Dream v1.4i
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14 августа 2009
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DVB Dream v1.4i программа для просмотра спутниковых TV каналов.Работает с картой в натив режиме, переключение каналов происходит в несколько раз быстрее чем в ProgDVB. Из заманчивых фич возможность смотреть одновременно несколько каналов на одном транспондере и удобная организация списка Favorites, нормальная поддержка не только Elecard кодека.

v1.4i (03.02.2008)
Faster scan for NA satellites
Some TS record problems fixed
Improved Vista compatibility, Vista AERO window movement bug fixed
Ch. name text filtering option for general and favorites tabs
Fix for 19.2e DVB-S2 crash problem and network search (DVB-S2 TPs)
Now it is possible to override/correct the missing channel name or wrong crypted channel status with help of a text file. (scan_override.txt)
BDA interface update (v2.0)
BDA: Added support for Turbosight TBS 8920 DVB-S2, 8910 DVB-S and Compro VideoMate 500 DVB-S
Video and audio type indicators added, next to video/audio buffer bars
Now OSD Now/Next info should be always up-to-date
New HotKey to change (cycle) audio pid: 'A'
Guids.ini updated, some new h.264 entries added
EPG parser now supports DISH and BEV 9 day epg
Portuguese(br) language added
* For FTA sats, you should disable "NA fast scan"
* During fast scan, first TP will relatively take longer.
* It is important that NA users should enable "Customize for NA" (preferences->localization)
* You can utilize ENTER, ESC keys in channel name filter box
* Thanks for the v1.4i tests to Chuck35, LikWidChz, inhell, t3chw00di, Dreamer, oscarr and other people in the DD IRC channel

Version Notes:
This version might work worse for HD since a new demultiplexer/source filter implemented. We're still working on it. There is no documentation available for the format of the expected data at input pins of H.264 codecs (neither CoreAVC nor Cyberlink h.264, nor others). So we're trying to learn the information by blindly experimenting.
WDM drivers recommended for B2C2 PCI/USB(SkyStar2, AirStar, CableStar) and Twinhan PCI (vp1020, vp1030..) models instead of BDA driver.
SkyStar2 will need Mibi's patched WDM drivers to be able to command diseqc switches and motors.
For Twinhan's Starbox and DVB-S2 models, ScanMan's BDA_ALL driver is recommended.
BDA DVB-S devices : It needs device specific codes for Diseqc an CI support since BDA specification doesnt support diseqc and CI. Some of device specific diseqc are implemented and some might be implemented in next versions. If you have any information on how to implement Diseqc support on your BDA device , please let me know. I will try to implement necessary code in DD.

Supported Devices:
BDA Devices (FireDTV, Terratec Cinergy, TBS Q-Box, Compro VideoMate S350, KNC1, Twinhan and many others...)
B2C2 (Skystar2, Airstar, Cablestar)
Twinhan (All BT 878 PCI models should work *)
Pinnacle PCTV Sat/400i/Lite
Genpix 8PSK to USB device
Broadlogic (BL2030)
DVBWorld (Nextorm/SatStar2/Acorp TV878DS USB/PCI)
Tongshi DVB-S

Latest BDA interface (06.05.2009)
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Latest BDA interface (06.05.2009)
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Changes since DD v1.4i:

- Diseqc switch support for Creatix/CTS added
- TeVii S630 & S660 support added
- DVBWorld DVB-S2 bug fixed
- DVBWorld remote controls are now supported

extract and copy bda.dev into DVB Dream \devices folder. (overwrite)

please test & report problems.


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