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Alt-DVB v2.2
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14 августа 2009
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2006-10-22 .:: Alt-DVB Ver 2.2 ::.

- Premium cards (SkyStar1) not supported anymore.
- Old interfaces (Dev_???.int) are not compatible with new app.

* MPEG4/AVC Stream parser & demultiplexer
* Multi-monitor support
* Support for DVB-C/DVB-T/ATSC
* Multiple cards selector
* EPG/Channel (in main window)
* Mouse wheel actions
* New configuration window
* Process priority option
* Improved channel scanner
* Popup menu from tray icon
* Channels list can be filtered by satellite
* PIP1-3 selection buttons

* New: BDA Driver
- DiseqC: Raw diseqc support for Twinhan BDA drivers
- DiseqC: LNB1-4 select for DvbWorld
- DiseqC: LNB1-4 select for Technotrend (via put_Range() )

* New: DVBWorld
- RawDiseqC not suported now. (see Dev_DvbWorld.cfg)

* SkyStar2 :
- RawDiseq for SS2 new driver (4.4.0)
- Many changes in "Internal" PID filter

* Signal indicator for SS2 & driver 4.4.0
* Popup menu exception on ES/CA window if no ch. selected
* Adjust GOTO with location NOT saved !
* Fixed CPU usage indicator for dualcore/HT processors
* Fixed PTS in DvbAvSrc.ax
* .....


1. Для библиотек релизов 2.19е и 2.19h фронтенд TDA10086 инициализирутся одинаково.
2.19е также работает с низкими символьными скоростями как и 2.19h.
Параметры инициализации тюнера остались без изменения.
2. Шкала LEVEL отражает SNR в процентах.
3. Шкала QUALITY отражает BER в процентах.

1. LNBP21 - ток срабатывания защиты устанавливается 650mA.
2. DiSEqC 1.2 поддерживается полностью в том числе USALS для фронтенда TDA10086.
3. Скорость залочивания транспондеров увеличина и составляет от 0.1 - 0.3 сек в среднем.
4. АПЧ постоянно включена. 

Русский для Alt DVB 2.2
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Русский для Alt DVB 2.2
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Русский языковой модуль для Alt DVB 2.2

Новый AltDVB v2.2 BDA device interface v
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Новый AltDVB v2.2 BDA device interface v
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14 августа 2009
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v - 2008.01.28
- new implementation of raw DiSEqC support for Technotrend budget
warning: DiSEqC works only with Technotrend BDA drivers v.4.4.10.x! The v5.0.0.x series does NOT support DiSEqC
- Hauppauge DVB-S2 tuning still in beta phase

v beta - 2008.01.23
- added support for Hauppauge proprietary interface (8PSK tuning
and DiSEqC)
- Hauppauge DiSEqC has not been tested (couldn't find a user to perform tests), please send me a short description of your setup along with logs and state if it works or not.

v - 2007.11.24

- fixed tuning for Airstar-2 with final BDA 4.4.1 drivers
- removed "failed put_FrequencyMultiplier" message, most drivers don't implement it

v - 2007.11.20

- fixed bug when tuner reports signal statistics on more than one topology node

v - 2007.11.19

-code cleanup

v - 2007.11.15

- fixed bug for TwinHan AD-SP400 CI
- fixed bug for DVB-C Twinhan 2033 Mantis
- fixed bug in put_Range introduced in a private release
- code cleanup

v - 2007.11.14

- fixed bug for KNC One
- added configuration file
a) those that can't tune to DVB-S2 channels try changing the default 8VSB
to 8PSK value - newer drivers use new value for 8PSK signalling
b) DiSEqC configuration for now is always COMMITED

v - 2007.11.12

- fixed bug when there is no seperate Capture filter
- fixed bug with hard-coded LowBandF, HighBandF, SwitchF for DVB-S tuning
- added more error logging
- tweaked tuning

v - 2007.11.09

A few weeks ago I have decided to try to write an alternative BDA device interface
for AltDVB v2.2.0 build 3912 for my TT S2-3200 card with v5.0.0.x BDA drivers.
It might work with other BDA compatible devices (DVB-S/T/C), but no guarantee is given.

1) please don't ask me for the device interface SDK for AltDVB v2.2 since I
simply don't have it (the knowledge to write this implementation was gathered
just by observing when and which information is exchanged between the main
application and the original Dev_BdaDriver.int)
- I might release in the future my knowledge on the device interface
- if AltX wishes that this information shall not ever be disclosed I will honor
his decision
- no, I am not in any contact with AltX, nor know his whereabouts
(wish him all the best though :)

2) it might work with other BDA compatible devices, but no guarantee is given

3) Technotrend's BDA drivers (still) have difficulties with DiSEqC 1.0 under BDA,
especially when tuning to 8PSK transponders

4) DVB-S support has been tested only with the TT S2-3200 card (aka SkystarHD)

5) DVB-T support has been tested only with the TwinHan MagicBox Pro VP-704A
(aka Pinnacle PCTV-310e)

6) don't have access to DVB-C hardware, so it's not tested at all

7) if you want to report an anomaly/bug/strange behavior please be specific, provide as much information as possible about your configuration/ devices etc and
the log from http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysinternals/utilities/debugview.mspx
I will try, if my free time permits, to look into the problem

8) CI & IR remote will probably not ever be supported


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