Persons suffering from these complex health needs require extra help to manage their symptoms and enjoy a high quality of life. 

A good lifestyle is a combination of regular exercise, healthy diet, good sleep and a relaxed frame of mind. But for a few people suffering from complex health needs, following a proper exercise routine may not be very easy. These complex needs may include chronic or long-term health conditions such as high BP, Diabetes, Arthritis or Asthma. Persons suffering from these complex health needs require extra help to manage their symptoms and enjoy a high quality of life. Physical fitness is at the core of managing long term health issues. Hence, we must understand how to balance complex health needs and fitness. 

Know your limitations: You are the best judge of how much your body can take when it comes to balancing your complex health needs and fitness. Start gradually with an exercise schedule and carefully ascertain the amount of time and intensity you can invest in a workout. Once you set reasonable boundaries for yourself, you’ll be able to not just set realistic goals but will also be able to achieve them in a set timeframe.

Get a trainer: A professional fitness trainer can guide you effectively with tailor made plans to reach your goals in a time bound manner. A trainer is equipped with the right knowledge to understand your individual requirements and health related challenges. With his expertise, you can be sure that you will not hurt or cause risk to a troubled body part even as you exercise. In case of an emergency, he will be able to correctly guide you about dealing with the situation. 

Consult a doctor: Make sure to have regular detailed health check ups and consult a doctor about your fitness routine. Your doctor should be made aware of your workout time, intensity and other details, as any kind of physical duress can affect your health. Your doctor will correctly advise you about the boundaries you need to keep in mind while performing the workout.  

Never hide your discomfort: When you are trying to balance your complex health needs and fitness, it's crucial not to hide any kind of pain or discomfort that you might be feeling. It's important that your workout is benefitting you and not causing you any kind of harm instead. As soon as you experience any kind of discomfort, make sure to inform your trainer and doctor about it and set boundaries accordingly.

Improve your diet: The role of diet in your overall health is unquestionable. Along with fitness, you must pay close attention to what you consume on a daily basis to maintain optimum health and well being. Have a balanced diet comprising whole grains, legumes, essential fats, fruits and vegetables. You may consult a registered dietitian about devising a specific diet plan for your individual health requirements. 

Relax your mind: Yoga and Meditation are excellent for relaxing your mind as well as body. Without putting too much strain on your body, Yoga augments your strength,  calms the nervous system and balances the hormones. While meditation helps you achieve a more stable, balanced and calmer mind. If both techniques are used consistently, you can effectively balance your complex health needs and fitness. 

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